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Read what others have to say about our products that they have tried.  If you would like to leave feedback about one of our products, please use the form located at the bottom of this page.  We would love to here from you!

I love your products.


Want some of my favorite uses for your spices:


The Key Lime Jerk is great on a Pork Tenderloin then "blackened" in a pan till Medium - Medium Well (per taste) - just a drop or two of water in the hot pan to create drippings sliced on the diagonal and served with Mashed Potatoes (seasoned with Garlic Lovers).  Pork is even better served cold the next day as  sandwich.  So tender - you can cut with a fork!


The Ore Ida frozen mashed potatoes are wonderful with the Garlic Lovers...  Oh - I am getting hungry thinking about it.


Please make sure your team knows JUST how much ONE customer loves the products.


Melissa ;-)

While attending a home show recently I tried the best seasoning rub I have ever tasted!   I purchased five different flavors and love them all!  One month later I'm half way through my Sweet Orange Habanero and Texas Mesquite Rub and Grill ... and am ordering more!  Whether you can't boil water, or are a seasoned cook these rubs guarantee success.  Both mentioned above are dynamite on chicken or beef and especially great on the grill, but equally good on the stove.  I've tried a lot of seasonings from the grocery store, and recipes I've made myself, but nothing like these.  Now that I've tried them ... I'm hooked.  Great customer service with my online experience too!


Jennifer - West Palm Beach, FL  

Let me start out with a THANK YOU first of all, I have spent the last 28 years creating numerous recipes for grilling, smoking and open fire cooking, as fare as the grilling goes, flare ups have been a real problem, I have tried many different types of grill manufactures and would end up with a flare up at one time or another. After installing The No Flare Square tiles my problems finally went away, I'm amazed how evenly the heat is distributed now, this is great, it actually gives you more of the grilling surface to use due to the even heat.


Now about your Rubs, they are some of the best I've ever had the pleasure of using, the mixture of seasonings and spices are excellent, I've tried most of them with great success, I hear that you now have a couple of new Rubs out which I can't wait to try. Keep up the good work, it's always nice to have a GREAT source for GREAT products like yours.


Thanks Again


Mark A.

My husband and I went to the Home and Garden show at the IX Center a few months ago and purchased a box of  The No Flare Square tiles.  Along with The No Flare Square tiles we purchased a container of the "Bourbon Molasses Rub & Grill".  Quite frankly, we are not only thrilled and impressed with The No Flare Square tiles, but that was by far the best rub we've ever used.  We grill approximately 1 to 3 times a week, all year round, and have tried countless flavors and brands of rubs over the years. But again, I must say, the John Ashton "Bourbon Molasses Rub & Grill" stands alone as the best I've ever had the pleasure to use, and eat. Let me add that we use to go to the "Out Back" Steakhouse on a monthly basis specifically for their "Out Back Special" a great steak with a great rub.   We have never been able, until now, find a rub that came close to what the "Out Back " Steakhouse uses.  However, we haven't gone to the "Out Back" since we started using the "Bourbon Molasses Rub & Grill".  We had no need too, the John Ashton one was even better. More economical too!  The only thing I miss now is the "bloomin' onion"


My dilemma -  we are OUT of the rub and I would like to purchase more.  I would also like to try a couple of other flavors, if the one we've already tried is that good, my guess is we can't go wrong trying a couple others.


Name withheld

The No Flare Square tiles are great! We have used them for months in our grill and they really make a difference! We would also recommend the Bourbon Molasses Rub & Grill and Famous Hickory Barbeque Rub & Grilling seasonings.  We love them!


Jim & Lisa M.

We had the pleasure of trying the Jon Ashton Butcher Shop Garlic Lovers seasoning.  It's fantastic!  It's great on chicken, in stews and soups, on burgers and salads, and steaks and roasts.


We also had the pleasure of trying The Mad Chef's Bourbon Molasses Rub & Grill.  This product is outstanding, to say the least.  It goes well with chicken, fish, pork or beef.  I used it in baked beans and gravies too.


Both products are MSG free and could easily replace all of those "other" seasonings in my pantry. Keep up the great work and we would welcome the opportunity to try other products of this caliber.


Janette & Chuck T.

 I am writing a quick note to thank you and your company for making a product that both solves a problem for me and exceeds my customers demands.


As the owner of a specialty store that caters to outdoor cooking enthusiasts, I had been looking for an alternative to the run-of-mill gas grill briquettes.  Your product was the third tile type product that we tried.  The first product had very small holes and clogged up with in the first few uses.  The second product had similar dimensions to your product and seemed to work well but when we checked them after a few weeks of use over half of the tiles had broken and several had actually shattered!


We have had The No Flare Squares in our grill at home {all testing is done on our grill at home that we use at least 6 times per week} for almost 2 years now.  The grate temps are extremely even over the entire surface of our grill.  We have no flare-up problems and are still able to achieve the high temps we desire.  All tiles are still intact and unbroken.  One noticeable benefit to using The No Flare Squares is that the bottom of my grill remains much cleaner.  What ends up on the bottom is a fine ash that is easily vacuumed out.  No greasy mess.


In conclusion thanks again for a product that exceeds my and my customers expectations.


Kurt B.

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