Key Lime Crab Dip

8 Oz. Philadelphia Cream Cheese
3 Oz. Canned Crab (Or Fresh)
1 Tbls. Key Lime Jerk Seasoning
Tabasco Sauce Or Hot Pepper Sauce To Taste
1 Tbsp. Rose's Lime Juice
Sourdough Bread Cut In Chunks For Dipping

In saucepan on medium temperature, melt cream cheese. When melted, add drained crab meat and stir. Watch so mixture doesn't scorch. Add hot sauce to taste; add lime juice. Cook until bubbling.

Serve mixture in a fondue to keep warm. Dip bread chunks (skewered). You can make as much as you like by keeping equal parts of crab and cream cheese. Great for "Super Bowl Sunday".

 Go 49ers!